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Bigwig is the former owsla-captain of Sandleford. He got his nickname Thlayli by the fur that surrounds his head. His mane looks like a lion. He's the biggest and strongest survivor of the Sandleford rabbits. Because of that, he often starts fights and get himself in danger frivolously.

After getting nearly killed in Cowslip's warren, he realizes, that Hazels brother Fiver is often right with his visions. He chums up quickly with Kehaar and requests his help, often on behalf of Hazel. Bigwig is selected often by Hazel for critical missions, like the infiltration of Efrafa or the leadership of an revolt against Woundwort, what nearly killed him. Bigwig is not only responsible for the patrols and the security in Watership Down, he also founds the "free and easy"-owsla of Watership Down.

Alias: Cloudberry
When Blackberry and Primrose are travelling to Darkhaven, Hazel and the others follows them. A skirmish between the Watership Down rabbits and the Darkhaven warriors breaks out. Blackberry gets caught. Later, Woundwort interrogates her. She tells him, that she's a wanderer and that she has never seen the Watership Down rabbits before.

Spartina's description of one of the rabbits fits to Bigwig. Campion negates her proposition. Spartina says, that he was called Cloudberry by one of the other rabbits, though she knows, that it was Bigwig. Campion confirms her proposition.

Later, he asks Spartina, why she lied to Woundwort. She tells him, that in Darkhaven, a place full of lies and intrigues, the truth is a powerful weapon, if it is used in the right time.

Blackavar, a prisoner of Efrafa, is obsessed by the thought of escaping Efrafa. He could escape, but during his getaway, he collides with Kehaar. Panic-fueled, he u-turned and get caught by Woundwort's captains: Campion and Vervain. They bring him back to Efrafa, where he should be executed.

Primrose, she is imprisont together with Blackavar, saved his life. She said, that Blackavar was only running from Kehaar. Primrose and Blackavar could escape with Bigwigs help. Both are joining Watership Down.

Blackberry is the only doe, that could escape from Sandleford. She has knowledges with herbs and is an excellent digger. Because of that, she's responsible for the expansion of Watership Down. But her male assistants must be convinced to work, because they think, digging is does work.

During the series, she fell in love with Campion. When he seems to die in front of her eyes, she's heartbroken and drowns her sorrow in work. Later, she get caught by warriors of Darkhaven. In Darkhaven, she met Campion and both escape to Watership Down, where they will prepare for the last battle.

Captain Broom
Captain Broom was formerly the captain of the Redstone-owsla. Besides Primrose, he's the only survivor of Redstone. After Hazels and Primroses return to Redstone, Captain Broom follows them to Watership Down. He's always boring the other rabbits of Watership Down with his stories.

Clover is the only doe, that escapes with Hazel, Fiver and Pipkin from the Nuthanger Farm. First, she don't wanted to leave the farm, but she joined Watership Down however. In the end, she settles down with Hawkbit.

Dandelion is one of the slowest rabbits in Watership Down. He's an excellent story teller and chummy with Hawkbit.

Fiver is Hazel's younger brother. His vision of Sandlefords destruction is responsible for the rabbits escape. His visions are spoken in rhymes and he feels responsible for them. Silverweed and Fiver are soulmates.

Hannah and Kehaar are close friends. Even though Bigwig thinks, that mices a too small and useless, she helps him often. After Kehaars farewell, she's learning from Hedge the magic spell, that will be used in the third season. So she's taking a major role in the series.

Hawkbit is a bearish, grouchy and sarcastic rabbit, that must always leave a bitchy comment. However, he's a reliable member of Watership Down and helps, when he's needed.

This is due to Hazel, who's anxious, that every rabbit in Watership Down is equal. Hawkbit and Dandelion are close friends. He and Clover settle down in season 3.

Hazel is Fiver's older brother. He leads the Sandleford rabbits to Watership Down. He's the leader of the group and he'll keep this role in Watership Down. He's not the strongest rabbit, but with cunning, assertiveness and considered acting he's a responsible leader.

During the escape of the Nuthanger Farm rabbits, he got shot, but could be found by Fiver and his visionary abilities. He and Primrose got children.

The former owsla-captain Holly is the only survivor of Sandleford besides the Watership Down rabbits. In the first two seasons, he's only a minor character, but in the third season, he can be seen frequently. Holly is also responsible for the owsla training.

The gull Kehaar joins Watership Down because he hurts his wing. His impatience, guttural accent and wrong grammar are typical for him. After the convalescence of his wing, he's responsible for the aerial reconnaissance, normally attended by Hannah. He's leaving Watership Down in the third season to settle down with Gluck.

Periwinkle is one of the kittens of Primrose and Hazel. She plays tackle tag with one of the other children in the burrows of Watership Down. Periwinkle appears only in the second season. Not anymore in season 3.


Pipkin is a very young and adventure hungry rabbit. He always tries to impress his grown up friends, especially Bigwig and Hazel. His parents got killed by an weasel. At the end of season 1, Pipkin gets caught by Efrafa and was used to force the submission of Hazel, Bigwig and Fiver.

During his imprisonment in Efrafa he realizes, that Woundwort's actions are bound by fear and his past and not by hate. In the third season, Pipkin became captain of the junior-owsla of Watership Down.

Primrose was a prisoner of Efrafa, till she was freed by Hazel and Fiver. During her imprisonment, she has strong feelings for Campion, who saved her serveral times. At once, she feels strong hate against Vervain. He tortured and abased her every time, he could.

But when Vervain runs into a trap, she helps him to escape with the help of Fiver, Holly and captain Broom - even if she did it unwillingly ("He made my life miserable"). When she experiences, that Vervain allied with Woundwort, she regrets her deed.

She is the mother of Snowdrop, Mallow, Gilia and Periwinkle. The father is Hazel. Her rigid will brought her often into trouble in Efrafa.

Snowdrop, Mallow & Gillia
Snowdrop, Mallow & Gilia are Hazel's and Primrose's children. In the third season, they are a inherent part of the Watership Down junior-owsla, lead by Pipkin. Through them, Campion realizes the importance of Watership Down. Together with Pipkin they save Skree's life.

Skree becomes a friend of Watership Down and with Skree, they get a strong ally against Woundwort.

Strawberry is a chubby rabbit from Cowslip's warren. He's leaving Cowslip and joins Watership Down. Very lazy in the beginning, he becomes an excellent digger. He's the first one, who red-flagged Efrafa. Later, Strawberry becomes a inherent part of Bigwig's Owsla.

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