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The Soundtrack


Genesis of the Music

The soundtrack to the series is composed by Mike Batt (who composed the soundtrack for the 1978 film, too). Batt is supported by Stephen Gately, who covers the theme song "Bright Eyes", Cerys Matthews and Paul Carrack.

On the CD are songs, that originally should be part of the film, but then, they are not used in the final version.

The score is played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Mike Batt. "In Fields of Sun", which is played in the front credits of the first two seasons (and is not part of the soundtrack), is arranged by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Also, the songs of the third season are missing (except "A Kind of Dream (Choral Fantasy)", which can be heard in the finale).

The Songs

01. Watership Down - The Beginning (Overture)
02. Bright Eyes (Stephen Gately)
03. Thank You, Stars (Cerys Matthews)
04. On Watership Down (Folk Theme)
05. (When You're) Losing Your Way In The Rain (Art Garfunkel)
06. Military Theme And Development
07. The View From A Hill (Mike Batt)
08. Fantasia On A Flying Theme
09. Chase Adventure From Watership Down
10. Baroque Tune
11. Frith's Blessing (Narrator: Gary Martin)
12. Winter on Watership Down
13. Winter Song (Paul Carrack)
14. A Kind of Dream (Choral Fantasy)
15. Bright Eyes (Single Version, Stephen Gately)

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