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The Social Life (Tales, Games, ect.)

The Characters

Games are part of the social activities in Watership Down. It's known, that the following games are played in Watership Down. But also in Darkhaven some of them are played.

While in Efrafa and Cowslip's warren no games are played probably (at least, nothing is know about it), it could be believed, that in Redstone games are played the same as in Watership Down.

If Buttercup's warren does stage games is hard to say. They live nearby humans and may display another behavior. Unfortunately, this warren appears only during the both christmas episodes.

Bob-stones is a guessing game, where two rabbits faces each other. One turns around, the other is hiding stones under his paws. Now, the fronting rabbit must guess, how many stones are under the paws.

As incredible as it sounds, Bob-stones is also played in Darkhaven. But more brutal than e.g. in Watership Down. Anyway, you shouldn't be the loser there.

At least in Watership Down, championships are staged (as well as in Sandleford in those days). Bigwig was Bob-stones-champion for four seasons, but gets beaten by Fiver, when they debated, who should expand the warren. Later, Dandelion becomes the new champion.

This is a tiggy. One rabbit plays elil and tries to catch the others. If it's successful, the catched rabbit is elil and chases the others.

In this case, Frost plays the game with Pipkin.

Rollin' the Acorn
This is a kind of ball game, where rabbits are passing an acorn each other. Of course, this game can played solo by one single rabbit.

Granted, but Pipkin uses a stone in this picture. The concept stays the same.

Beside games, other activities are also staged in the warrens. Some are staged in groups for general entertainment, others are going for single rabbits as amusement.

Creating Shapes
This kind of entertainment is practiced in Cowslip's warren. Stones are pushed into a wall, until a shape is recognizable.

The rabbits are staging such activities to distract themselves from the deadly wire snares, that are placed around the warren.

Storytelling has especially in Watership Down a huge tradition. Dandelion recites regularly the stories of El-ahrairah, which are expected with huge joy and excitement by the other rabbits.

Even in Cowslip's warren, stories are told. This is done by Silverweed. For the rabbits there, this is also entertainment, but the stories have only the task to distract the rabbits from the truth: the deadly shining wires.

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