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Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog

One evening, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle decided they like some cabbages. They knew, the men at the nearby farm has the most flavoring, mouth-watering cabbages that ever came out of the ground. Now, El-ahrairah thought, Rowsby Woof might do all the work for him. He had a simple plan, for dogs are simple beasts: He tied his ears under his chin, so he too looked like a dog and then jumped up to get Rowsby Woof's attention.

"Ooh, Rowsby Woof! It is I, your Fairy Wogdog."
"I didn't know, I had one."
"Well, you do. And I'm here to grant you a great honor."

"Oh, really?"
"The queen of dogs, the royal majesty: Queen Dripslobber thinks you are the best cabbage guard, who ever wagged a tail. She wants to give you a nice, doggy thread."
"My dreams have come true. How humbly I roll upon the ground for her."
"That's a good boy. The queen will pass the crossroads this very night on her way to, uhm, the great Bark & Scratch at the grove."
"I'll get there faster than a bark!"
"The queen may delayed, but you must wait or the thread will go to that yappy terrier, up the lane."
"Uhm, guard the garden, while I'm gone."

"I'm the Fairy Wogdog, remember? I'll take care of everything in the garden. Everything! I promise!"
"I'm coming, my queen!"

Bye-bye, Rowsby Woof! Rabscuttle and I will look after your cabbages, while you're gone. El-ahrairah had now built the perfect tunnel to the cabbage patch. And they didn't have to do any work themselves.

And so, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle ate more flay-rah than any ten rabbits and had a very long, slow trip home.

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