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The Characters

Bigwig & Spartina
During her time as a spy in Watership Down, Spartina fell in love with Bigwig. But when he finds out, that Spartina is working for Woundwort, he arrests her. But Silverweed let Bigwig take a look into her heart. Crushed down by her feelings for him and Watership Down, he flees panicly, because he doesn't know, what he should do now. As a owsla-captain, he must arrest Spartina, but his feelings for her are too strong.

Spartina tells him, that Granite will kill Blackberry by round moon, shouldn't she be back in Darkhaven and so, Bigwig let her go. Later, Blackberry, Campion and Spartina could escape and after the last battle against Darkhaven, Bigwig ind Spartina could live in peace in Watership Down.

Blackberry & Campion
When Campion was looking after Watership Down, to warn the rabbits of Woundworts attack, he met Blackberry and both fell in love. But when Campion dies during the battle in the caves, Blackberry is heartbroken. She tries to drown her mourning in work.

But Campion was brought back to life by the Black Rabbit of Inlé. Blackberry can find him, but Campion refuses her. He won't bring her in danger, because he was touched by death. Furthermore, he's ashamed by his look and he's aware of his duty to deliver Woundwort to the Black Rabbit of Inlé.

Later, Blackberry gets caught by an Darkhaven patrol and was escorted by Spartina to Woundworts old home. Campion also meets Spartina and gets to Darkhaven. There, Blackberry and Campion meet again. Together, they try to escape Darkhaven.

But Woundwort uses Blackberry as a pressurising agent to force Campion. He should lead Woundwort to Watership Down, because Blackberry would never betray her home. During the journey to Watership Down, Blackberry, Campion and Spartina could escape with the help of Skree and Hannah. They flee to Watership Down, where they prepare for the last battle.

Clover & Hawkbit
Clover and Hawkbit also find common ground. Hawkbit makes Clover laugh often (although involuntary).

Hazel & Primrose
Hazel is visiting Efrafa together with Fiver to free some rabbits from Woundworts slavery. Both get imprisont together with Blackavar and Brimrose. During this time, Hazel and Primrose fell in love.

But this affection was also realized by Campion, Hazel should be executed by Woundwort in public. Campion acts jealously and later, a certain grudge is still cognizable against Hazel, because Campion was also in love with Primrose. Hazel and Primrose become three cubs.

Heather & Moss
In the beginning of the third season, Moss instigates a rebellion against General Woundwort. He does this not only for Campion, to show his respect, but also for Heather.

Heather is a slave in Efrafa and Moss wants to free her with the other slaves. While their stay in Watership Down, Hawkbit and Dandelion fell in love with Heather, too. So, both friends became rivals.

But when they realize, that their big love is together with Moss, they remember their friendship. Heather and Moss leave Watership Down together with the other Efrafa rabbits to found a new warren - lead by Moss.

Hickory & Marigold
Hickory and Marigold come from Cowslip's warren. Together with some other rabbits, they settle down in Redstone, where Marigold will expect new blood.

Even during hard times, when men and elil prowl through Redstone, they won't leave their home. When Woundwort takes over Redstone, Marigold flees and asks Watership Down for help.

Hazel and his friends could save the Redstone rabbits, but their warren gets destroyed. So they join Watership Down.

Kehaar & Gluck
When Skree becomes a member of Watership Down, Kehaar leave the rabbits to search his love. And he'll find it: Together with Gluck, he returns to Watership Down.

But the rabbits could not chum up with Kehaars girlfriend. And so, both decide to leave Watership Down and settle down together.

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