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What's New in 2015


Of course, all news are also posted on Facebook!

A new wallpaper is online: The Battle for peace is not yet done!

It took longer than I've expected, but the similarities and influences of Watership Down in Donnie Darko are finished.

As usual, a link leads you direct to the discussion in Fiver's Honeycomb.

There's a small reshuffle on the site:

The theories and similarities are subsumed into one menu-point.

Hello dear visitors and Watership Down friends,

I have something new for you: Watership Down vs. Lost!

Because Watership Down enacts a bigger part in Lost, I've compared similarities and allusions. You find them with the trivia.

Moreover, both - the Lost-similarities and the theories of the series had been linked with the forum, so you can catch the discussion immediately, when you have ideas or thoughts or when you just want proclaim you opinion.

Best Regards

Usually, I don't create an alternatively filtered version of already existing wallpapers. But I still think, that my first Hawkbit-attempt got a bit too garish. So you have now an slightly eye-friendly version.

Are you warm, too? Just think of death - or better not. Fiver has the vision and the appropriate wallpaper is there now, too: "The One Who Will Save Us". This time, I tried something new again. I hope, you like it.

Greetings, Darkling

The next wallpaper for Fiver's Honeycomb is online. Not that we're narcissistic, but it's again a "Council of Chiefs" wallpaper. But don't be anxious, we're planning also other themed wallpaper for Fiver's Honeycomb.

Time for a new wallpaper. This time for my partner-forum Fiver's Honeycomb. So everybody know, who's wearing the pants (not, that rabbits or bats would wear them - or claws), there's the wallpaper "The Council of Chiefs" :D

Hello dear Watership Down fans,

I designed the wallpaper-overview clearer :) and incidentally I want to vent my spleen!

I'm workling with the software Website X5 Compact 9 from Incomedia. Indeed, I have a newer version somewhere here, but the update doesn't work properly and important functions of the site aren't available afterwards. So I'm staying with the old version. This is outrage No. 1!

Let's get to outrage No. 2: I've already mentioned, that I've reworked the wallpaper-overview. I wanted to apply the changes for the english version. So I copy over the german part and adjust the english site. I work always this way and usually, it's working flawless. But not with the wallpaper-overview. Instead, I'm getting the error-message "page not found". And lo and behold, though the site was copied correctly, the software didn't create the respective html-site.

So I'm taking the old site and copy the particular elements to the new site. And lo and behold, it still won't work. So I have no other choice to create the complete site for the english version by hand.

This should have worked now bugless. But it's a nuisance, yet. And because I think, the software is capable of doing some faults, I beg you, dear visitors, to simply have a look, if there are any errors. If yes, please report them via E-Mail.

Thank you for your attention and support


The batcave has been added to the locations (Allies). Likewise, the orchard has been extended by an inner view of Bark's burrow.

It's time for the next wallpaper. This time about the series, again. The Speaker of the Past is the main actor and the wallpaper answers to the name of "Methrahessi of Forgotten Tales".

After some time, I have a new wallpaper for you.

Granted, it has nothing to do with the series this time, but because the band Fall of Efrafa was dealing also with the topic Watership Down, I decided to create a fitting wallpaper.

Good morning dear visitors!

I've a small change for you: Redstone's Owsla has been added to the military structures.

It's time again for a new wallpaper: Sky Fighters.

Unfortunately, the VLC Media Player put a spoke in my wheel. After an update, screenshots a recorded with another aspect ratio (so a bit biased). I dewarped the images and I hope, this impinges not too much on their quality. The jagged edges, you can see partly, have nothing to do with that btw. This has something to do with the production of the DVD's. It can be optimized through serveral de-interlacing-methods. But that some screenshots, especially those with fast moving scenes, appear a bit blurred, can't be detained.

Howbeit, enough with this little technique-digression. I hope, you like the wallpaper in spite of it's possibly not so optimal quality.

Greetings, Darkling

Ever wanted super-heroes in WSD? Behold the new wallpaper!

4 new Enesco-Figurines have been added to the Merchandise-Collection.

Hello dear visitors,

I have some problems with the webdesign-software and can't do some changes, I want to make (I don't want to throw me more into it, because it's only some cosmetical changes), I have something new to report: Woundwort consorts (again) with the merchandise-collection. This time as an Enesco-figurine.

Have a nice Wednesday.

Greetings, Darkling

Good morning dear visitors!

It's time for a small adjustment on the website. On the page "About Watership Down", you find now an comparison between the different drawing styles. Starting with the movie from 1978 to the last season of the series from 2001.

Have a nice sunday!
Best wishes, Darkling

It's time for a new wallpaper: The Enchanting Trail. I've worked a bit longer on this one and tried something new. I hope, you like it.

Sincerely, Darkling

The following wallpaper is actually a byproduct of "The Bringer of Doom". It deals with the escape from Darkhaven and even, when it hasen't something to do with the eponymous movie with Sylvester Stallone, it has the fitting title "The Escape Plan".

Good morning dear Watership Down friends!

It's time for a new wallpaper. Sometimes, working with website could drive you to insanity. For me, the time hasn't come yet; And as proof, I have the fitting wallpaper: On the Edge of Sanity!

Have a sunny Wednesday.

Greetings, Darkling

On to a small update:

3 Enesco-Figurines have been added to the merchandise collection.

From now on, new wallpapers of Watership Down are online, provided by courtesy of s-tlk (s-tlk.org). Thanks a lot for your support!

Sincerely, Darkling

A new wallpaper for our Silverweed-friends is online: Summon Powers from Beyond

A new wallpaper for Fiver's Honeycomb is online :)

Good morning dear visitors,

it's time for a new wallpaper. Main actor this time is the Black Rabbit of Inlé. I tried to write the title in Lapine (to be honest, I have my difficulties with the language): Inlé Awaits Mes ("Death Awaits You").

Have a nice saturday.

Regards, Darkling

It's time for a new wallpaper. But this time, not directly for this site, but for Fiver's Honeycomb. And of course, this wallpaper is dealing with Fiver. It may catch your eye, that the pictures aren't dealing with the honeycomb. In my opinion, that would be too humdrum, however it would limit the image selection too much.

Regards, Darkling

Hello dear Watership Down friends.

Lately, we've been hardworking in Fiver's Honeycomb and we've a bigger revision, which also affects this site:

Every episode has now it's own discussion-thread. Moreover, the threads have been linked in the episode guide of my website, so you can directly discuss the chosen episode.

And when you're still no member in Fiver's Homeycomb, go take a look in there. I promise, it's worth it.


Two days ago, I was asked, If I couldn't make a wallpaper about the rabbits in Buttercup's Warren. No sooner said than done! "Safe Haven / Deadly Menace" is now online.

Time for a little update:

There's a small change with the character-profiles: The humans have been moved to the other characters. Therefor, Buttercup's Warren has now it's own section. There, you find beside Buttercup's character-profile also information about the other dwellers of Buttercup's Warren.

Additionally, the Owsla from Buttercup's warren has been added to the military structures.

Hello dear visitors,

time for a new wallpaper: "Clash of the Warriors". I worked a bit longer on this one. Indeed, I had the fitting pictures, but creativity deserted me. But I think, the result is one of my better ones.


Good evening dear visitors,

yesterday, I've promised new content for the site and now, I have news do announce:

On the character-profiles, you find a new entry: Military Structures. There, you find the Owslas of the particular warrens including the rabbits and their functions.

Have a good evening!

Good morning dear fans,

I've optimized the site structure a bit. The menu entry "Pairs & Places" has been eliminated. The relation- and friendships are now part of the character-profiles. For that, the locations are now accessible through the primary plane. These steps are necessary for new content, that will be available on the site in near future.

Have a nice Tuesday!


Seems like I have a Silverweed-phase. On to a new wallpaper: The Path Turns Back. This time, I tried something new. What's usually would be the finished wallpaper, is now the background. And on that, I laid the pictures once more above it.

Time to serve our Silverweed-friends. A new wallpaper, called "Frith Lies in the Evening Sky" is online.

Good morning!

finally, the last of the Tabitha-wallpapers is online: Hunting Time.

Have a nice Tuesday!


On to No. 2 of the cat-wallpaper: Tabitha

Some time ago, I created the wallpaper "A Tale of a Mouse". Why not showing the inverted variety: " A Cat's Tale"

Time for a new wallpaper. But this time very simple. Who knows my partner-forum, might know also Hawkbit, founder and admin of the Honeycomb. It's high time to honour him. So bow to Hawkbit :o)

She may only have a small secondary roll in the series, but without her help, the battle against Efrafa might have ended different. Of course, I'm talking about Bark the Badger. Thus, there are three new wallpaper, dedicated to her.

Have a nice sunday

Regards, Darkling

Good morning folks,

do you remember the fight between Mike Tyson, ehm I mean Granite and Campion? The fitting wallpaper is now available in double completion: "In the Battle-Pit".

Have a nice sunday!

Greetings, Darkling

The Watership Down cardgame has been added to the merchandise-collection.

Because I'm still working on a bigger improvement of the site, it has become calm the past days concerning changes. But now, it's time for a double wallpaper: "The Eyes of Silverweed". So watch out, who's skulking in your mind ;-)

The year isn't really dewy anymore and the first smaller news in the new year dues. Actually, I wanted to do a wider extension of the site, but definitely that wear's me out currently. However that be, I have some small news on the character-profiles: The profile of the farmer, who shoots Hazel on the Nuthanger Farm, is online.

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