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What's New in 2014


Of course, all news are also posted on Facebook!

Ever got the feeling, that you are not alone? Maybe Death Walks Beside You!

7 new terms are added to the lapine dictionary.

The lapine-dictionary has been supplemented with missing phrases. It counts now 50 terms.

Good evening, dear devotees of the doctrines of El-ahrairah :-)

I hope, you ride christmas out. The year is declining and it's time for two new wallpaper. Admittedly, three years ago there has been one with the same theme, but I thought, now is the time for a full hd reissue: The Beginning of the End (maybe, this would have been also a good topic for the 21.12.2012).

Have a nice evening, so that you won't encounter the Black Rabbit of Inlé.


Finally, the last winter-wallpaper is online: Winter Time in Watership Down. HighLonelyHills.com wishes you a great Christmas Season!

The second part of the winter-wallpaper is finished. But be careful: You're walking "On Thin Ice".

Winter finds it's way into the world and it's time for the first part of the winter-wallpaper. Admitted, without snow, this wallpaper could also be a spring- or summer-picture and the title exists in a similar form as a novel, resp. the the self-titled movie adaption, but because the happenings are occuring in a maze, the title of the newest wallpaper is: Maze Runners.

Enjoy and wintry greetings

Good morning folks!

Time for a new wallpaper: The Journey Begins. Here, I worked a bit longer. It has been simply too many images und too little space. And even after sorting out redundant images, I had the problem to arrange them. But I think, the result is satisfactorily.

Have a nice sunday!

Greetings, Darkling

Good evening dear visitors,

this time, I have only a little update for you:

On the site The Social Life, you find now a fitting illustration for each activity as well as some small text additions.

Have a nice weekend!


On the last wallpaper, we had Elil. And that brings us to the next: Fear is Part of Every Rabbit's Life.

Good morning dear Watership Down friends.

It's about time again to add new content to the site. Newly come along are the following character profiles:

- The Crake
- The Swamp Toad
- Horses

They can be found by the other characters. Besides, the swamp is added to the Other Places.

Have a nice sunday!

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince With a Thousand Enemies". Once, El-ahrairah was told this by Frith. The appropriate wallpaper is now online: "Elil".

It's been a while, since I've created the wallpaper "The Destruction of Efrafa". But because this battle has enough capability, I've decided to create virtually a reissue. Eponymous for this one was the band Fall of Efrafa (whose albums I will get on occasion to review them). And because this last battle against Efrafa has truly enough material, there's not only one, but two wallpapers.

Greetings, Darkling

Two new wallpapers are online: Welcome to Watership Down Part 1+2. Both are devoted to the second opening titles of the series.

On to a new wallpaper! Indeed, this site deals with the tv-series Watership Down, but while I was listening to Bright Eyes, I had the idea to the following wallpaper, based on the movie: Pale Light.

Time for a new wallpaper. But be careful: Spartina is watching you!

I had the idea for this wallpaper a long time ago. But til now, I was too lazy to take the required screenshots. So send your children to bed, because Fiver framed it very fittingly: "Into the Valley of Fire you both shall go".

Actually, it's already late, but before I say good-night, I have a little wallpaper for you: Adventures on the Nuthanger Farm.

Good night, Darkling

Not everybody starts as a corporal in Efrafa and becomes leader of his own warren. Because it's not easy to appreciate such a career in one single wallpaper, there are altogether three new:

  • Corporal Moss

  • Captain Moss

  • Moss-rah

My personal frontrunner is unambiguous Captain Moss; and yours?

Greetings, Darkling

The suggestion time for the fan-wallpaper is over. The winner is Myrkin from Fiver's Honeycomb. He proposed Bigwig, Pipkin, Dandelion, Hawkbit and Strawberry. And of course, they are no less figures than the free-and-easy Owsla from Watership Down.

Thanks for the participation. The prize is... well, the wallpaper :D

Some years ago, I was asked, If I couldn't make a wallpaper with screenshots from the movie and the series. Well, that was a little while ago. But now, the first wallpaper with pictures from the movie and the series is online: 1978/1999.

Good morning dear visitors,

I hope, you survived Halloween without scathe. Outside, it's getting colder and the last tale of El-ahrairah, "El-ahrairah and the Big Freeze", is online. Therefor, you find information about the narrators and the origin of the stories on the overview page.

Have a nice day!

While I'm waiting for more feedback for the fan-wallpaper, Trick or Treat's "Rabbit's Hill - pt.1" was rotating once again. Hence, I had the idea for the following wallpaper: The Prince of Rabbits.

He survived Sandleford's destruction. He wrestles through Watership Down. He deserves his own wallpaper: Captain Holly!

Hello dear visitors,

I've worked a bit on the content. Redstone has four new character-profiles:

  • Flayrah-Thief

  • Guardpost

  • Guardpost (Silflay)

  • Redstone's Dwellers

Greetings, Darkling

The character-profile of the slaves-guardpost in Efrafa was added.

I have something new for you:

The story, how El-ahrairah dared and won, is online.

Greetings, Darkling!

Hello dear Watership Down friends!

It became calm lately, not only, because I'm up to my (long) ears with work privately, I also bought the newest version of the website-software, I'm using, just to realize dissatisfied, that work was done better and easier with the old version. While I'm waiting to get my money back, I worked on the tales of El-ahrairah:

The second story, "Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog", is online. Visually, it looks more simple and spare then "Frith' Blessing". Other stories will be put online the same way. Optical adjustment can be done still later.

That's all for now. Have a nice afternoon!


For weasel-friends, I have another wallpaper: Revenge is in his Heart. This time not so colorful ;)

Greetings, Darkling!

The character-profile of the swans is added to the other characters.

Myrkin from Fiver's Honeycomb asked me recently, if I couldn't create a wallpaper about the weasel. And here, it is: One by One!

Ever wondered, how the wallpaper on this site are created? You can see now the emergence with an example. Therefor, a new wallpaper is online: Hazel - Fiver - Bigwig!

Enjoy and have a nice remaining sunday!

A new category is online in "Things to Know": Tales of El-ahrairah. At the moment, only Frith' Blessing is online, but in future, I will add further tales of the series.

After getting some problems with the flash animation, I decided to use a simple graphic. The quotations appear now randomly on the home page. Suggested improvement regarding to the appearance are particularly asked for.

I wish you all an enjoyable evening, Darkling!

Good morning!

I've worked again on the startlogo. Instead of simple images, there are now quotations from the series.

Greetings, Darkling

I know, new wallpaper are a long time coming; and currently I'm anything but creative. Nevertheless, there's a new wallpaper: Campion-rah.

Greetings, Darkling

Elil could really be a problem, when it prowls through the warren and frays it - rr was it a flock of sheep?  

Rough edges for rough times  ;-)

I decided to reduce the main menu a bit. Therefore, the wallpaper are now part of the fan-works, complete with a new overview page.

Another bridge guardpost was added to the Efrafa character-profiles. Besides, the site has a guestbook again since today.

I hope, nobody of you has a death wish, however I have the appropriate wallpaper therefor: Inlé-rah. Originally, I wanted to use more images, but I think, one simple image with Inlé-rah creates a better effect.

Greetings, Darkling!

Just one small revision today: The profile of the Black Rabbit of Inlé is supplemented with it's "appearance" in the second season. The profile has new information as well as a new picture.

Hello you diligent readers!

There is something new to announce on the High Lonely Hills. I've designed the character-profiles more compact (in the manner of the locations overview). Therefor, the offspring in Redstone is online.

That's all for today. Have a nice evening.

Greetings, Darkling

I've outlined all locations of the series to one overview site. Now, it looks a bit more compact.

This is a wallpaper, I've created quickly. Silverweed's poem and the atmosphere in Cowslip's warren won't let me go: We Sleep & Dream Alone.

Profiles about the rabbits in Cowslip's warren are online.

I've worked again on the character-profiles. But what's now new?

The category "Other Characters" is segmented into 6 sub-categories. As there are now

- Efrafa Survivors
- Other Enemies
- Relievers
- Supernatural Figures
- Visitors
- Other Characters

Wait! Efrafa Survivors? Exactly. Besides Aspen, you find now five new character-profiles. Therefor, the fireflies are added to the supernatural figures. The fugitives are added to Efrafa.

Greetings, Darkling

The bridge-guardpost is added to the Efrafa character-profiles.

Right! The last character-profiles are finally online:

- Hemlock (Darkhaven)
- Demolition Expert (Humans)
- Humans nearby Buttercup's Warren (Humans)
- Flit (Friends & Allies)
- The Deer (Other Characters)

This makes all in all 103 character-profiles, that are now online.

The building workers in Redstone are added to the humans character-profiles.

New character-profiles are online:
- The hunter in Redstone
- The truck driver
- The policeman

A new location was also added:
- The abandoned farm

The category Aliases is removed from the character-profiles. Therefor, the aliases are now integrated into the respective character-profiles.

Here we go! New updates awaits you!

The farmer from season 3 is now online. Moreover, a new location was added: The shadowland. It can be found by the other places.

That's all for today.

Good night all together, Darkling!

New character-profiles online: Gentian (Redstone), the bellwether (other Characters) and Periwinkle (Watership Down).

I've renamed the menu item "Trivia" to "Things 2 Know" and restructured the items slightly. Furthermore, you find something new there: The Social Life. There, I explain games and other activities of the rabbits. Because the life in Watership Down persists not only of war.

Hello dear friends,

Quite a bit has happened at the character-profiles:

First, I created a new category: The Big Water! There, I moved the profiles from Calohki and Katerina.

Seven new character-profiles are added.

The Big Water:
- Caco
- Conrad & Felanar
- Griffin
- Seaboard

- The Bus Driver
- Farmer on the Nuthanger Farm

Other Characters:
- The Ferrets

That's it for today!
Greetings, Darkling

Good morning dear Watership Down friends,

I've decided to eliminate this much too long sub-menu for the character-profiles. Now, you have a depiction, similar to the locations and the episode guide.

Greetings, Darkling

Something happens on the High Lonely Hills!

A new category attends to the minor characters: Humans. It starts with the hunter in Cowslip's warren and the ferryman. More to come soon.

Good morning dear Watership Down friends,

a new wallpaper is online: A Warrior's Heart. Who's this about? No less than Thlayli. What would the series be without his cheerful disposition? OK, forget the last part.

Have fun with the fur-head :o)


The site is supplemented with two character-profiles:

At the Gods & Tales, you find now Queen Dripslobber. Pimpernell attends to the other characters.

I decided yet to move the news to a own subpage. For that, there's a larger startlogo. I think, it's now clearer overall.

What's new on the High Lonely Hills? Rather nothing, I must confess. Only the home page has changed. The buttons for news, e-mail and Facebook are gone. The news are now included straight on the main page - including the link to the Facebook-site. Blackberry's E-Mail-Dispatch can be found within the contact-section.

That's all.

Greetings, Darkling

It's time again for a double wallpaper: Redstone/Deadstone and, so you don't have to stand on your head, Deadstone/Redstone.

Version 4 is online! I played around with the design (none too easy), and the result can be denoted as version 4, at least preliminary.

Hi folks,

on to a new wallpaper: "Living in Watership Down". The origination process is the same as in "Dark Dreams". But not so gloomy.

Greetings, Darkling

It's time again for a new wallpaper: Eye in the Sky. Of course, this one is dedicated to our favorite gull in Watership Down: Kehaar.

Hello dear visitors,

I was in experiment mood and the result is a new wallpaper. This time about Blackberry. It looks simple, I grant, but the approach was complete new for me. Maybe, there will be a similar wallpaper with pictures from season 3.

Greetings, Darkling

There are 34 new pictures from Watership Down. They are provided by courtesy of Simba the Lion King, who shot them in May 2014.

Furthermore, the site "What is Watership Down?" is splitted into two pages.

I'm currently working on signalments for the single profiles. But it will take a while, till I'm finished. In the meantime, I have a new wallpaper for you: "What would I be today?" Again, it's a desktop background about Woundwort. I know, it's yet a little drab. I'm consistently planning to give preference to other characters. But at last I catch on my favorites.

Have fun and a nice weekend to all of you!

Greetings, Darkling

The first fan-fiction is online. It's a fictional extension of a scene from the book, where Hawkbit and Bigwig are playing a game of chasing eachother. The story is written and provided by Myrkin, on of the admins from Fiver's Honeycomb. I say many thanks therefor.

A new Wallpaper is online: "Pain lies in the Past"

Hello everyone,

I know, over the last while, there wasn't much new to announce. Indeed, some additions are planned, but I don't know when I can implement them. Therefor, there are only some cosmetical changes today:

On the site "What is Watership Down", I've reworked the timeline. Instead of four single images it's now one image. I did this step mainly to simplify the work for me.

A real optimization can be found on the site Media->DVDs of the Series:

There, I've arranged the covers in two columns right besides the episode overview. The place was unused anyway and the site looks now a bit more compact.

And that was about the new changes.

Many Greetings, Darkling

Top of the morning to you, dear Watership Down friends!

As you can see, there's a fan-area on HighLonelyHills.com

Have you created something in the world of Watership Down, that you like to share? Contact me and I will publish your works. How it works? Look on the site "Fan-Works -> Submit".

I would be delighted to see many of your works.

Greetings, Darkling

Hello dear Watership Down Friends!

Once again, it's time for a cosmetical finishing touch :)

The headings have now the same color as the page background, therefor they are now outlined. Furthermore, the headings are now empossed and the underlining is modified visually, so it's no simple line anymore.

The introductions (and as appropriate the epilogues) are now without headings. Therefor, the texts are now italic. Moreover, they are now displayed inside a box (take a look at the theories-site).

That was it for the moment.

Have a nice weekend.

Greetings, Darkling

A new location was added to the human places and dwellings: The shepherds farm.

Hello dear Watership Down friends!

While in Germany other people are watching tv, it's time for me to do something on the site. The cat of Woundworts owner attends to the other characters.

Additionally, I added a new location: The message tree, where the communication between Campion and Hazel occurs. It can be found by the other places.

Greetings, Darkling

Good morning dear Watership Down Fans :) (at least, in Germany, it's morning)

I hope, you've all been spared from dark dreams. Therefore, I have something for you, so you can catch upon it now ;)

A new wallpaper is online and answers to the beautiful name "Dark Dreams". Of course, it's a wallpaper that deals with Campions dreams of the third season, but also Fiver and Hawkbit are not spared.

I hope, you like it! I know, that there haven't been many new wallpaper the last time. But when time and inspiration are on vacation together, it's not so easy. Incidentally, the 16:10-version has black stripes above and below, because the pictures are only representable full-screen in 16:9.

Have a nice aestival day.
Greetings, Darkling!

And again, there's work to do. I split up the locations for a better overview.

On the part of the rabbit warrens, there are now:
- Sandleford & Watership Down
- Enemy Warrens
- Allied Warrens

And on the part of the other places:
- Allies
- Human Places and Dwellings
- Rivers
- Terrestrial Crossings
- Other Places

Now, you haven't to bother with two wretched long sites.

Many Greetings, Darkling

I've added a new location to the Other Places section. Tassels Tree. The screenshot isn't the best, but because of the many cuts during this episode, it's hard to capture the tree in only one screenshot.

In addition, I've sorted all locations alphabetically.


Hello dear Watership Down fans,

once again, it was time to do some work on the site.

The graphical headings are now color-coordinated to the remaining site (the old headings where an remnant of the Darkhaven-website). The shadow has been removed and the width is adjusted.

Furthermore, the menu headings and the site headings are visually accommodated.

Maybe, I will rework the headings a little bit, but I think, the overall image is now a slightly scattered.

Have a good start in weekend. Greetings, Darkling!

As you see, I've changed the design on HighLonelyHills.com again. Because I'm technically not able to realize a automatic change between the designs, I have to do all color changes (Background, Menu, Links, Graphics) by hand. That is a little bit too sophisticated for me (also because of my other projects) and so, I'm leaving my favorite design, that's originally on the site. Moreover, there's a new startlogo.

I hope, you like it, too ;)

Hello dear Watership Down friends :)

There is something new on the High Lonely Hills. But now, it's not more, but rather less content:

I've decided to shut down the guestbook, because it was abused anyhow for spam. So, you will only find three buttons on the homepage.

Furthermore, I've eliminated the point Community. Therefor, I created new menu point: Boards. There, you will get to both Watership Down boards. The remaining content is condensed under the point Banner/Links.

I hope, the comprehensive view doesn't suffer too much.


You may already have noted it: Since two hours, spring rules on the High Lonely Hills and a new design is online :) BTW: This design should be the standard design at first.

Hello dear worshippers of El-ahrairahs doctrines :)

After a long time, I have a new wallpaper for you. This time, it deals with the final of the second season and it listens to the title "The Darkness Comes to Take Us All".

I hope, you like it ;)


Good evening everyone!

The last days have become a little calmer and today, I have only a mini-update for you: A new banner to link in 400x133.

I hope, you like the banner :)

HighLonelyHills.com has now a partnership with Fiver's Honeycomb. The site got it's own section in the forum and a linked banner. As Quid pro quo, the forum got a subdomain: http://honeycomb.highlonelyhills.com and it's linked in the "Community"-section of my site.

I did the episode guide more compact and removed the pictures on the overview page. Those where displayed different in various browsers.

Well, different gaps are not unusal, but here it was very conspicuous, because the images should close with the end of the particular episode overview. But that wasn't the case.

So, the episode overview fell in the category "not nice, but functional".

A new episode-based wallpaper is online and again, it shares a famous name. No, this wallpaper has nothing to do with the popular series by J.J. Abrams.

It deals with the eleventh episode of the first season, where Hawkbit, Fiver and Hazel are discovering the subsurface caves of Watership Down. The wallpaper is called "Lost". Hope, you like the artificial light filter, I've used :-)

On the page DVDs of the Series, I've marked all episodes, that are placed in wrong order.

New year, new homepage :-)  OK, it shouldn't have to come to that. But I thought, it was time for a change. So, there's a new startlogo (also in winter with a fully prosperous beech tree) and graphics for the buttons below.

The serveral sections are allocated to serveral characters from Watership Down (the idea was borrowed from Fiver's Honeycomb). You'll get an explanation , when you hover the buttons with the cursor.

Hope, you like it :-)

I've added two new friendships:
- Hawkbit & Dandelion
- Fiver & Silverweed
(Thanks to Myrkin from Fiver's Honeycomb, who give me the idea)

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