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What's New in 2013


Of course, all news are also posted on Facebook!

A small but mighty change: I've rearranged the character-profiles. Alphabetical, regardless of the preposed article. Even, when I would like to sort something like "The Black Rabbit of Inlé" under T, I think it's more practical to file it under B.

The year now draws to a close and gradual, the character list should be complete.

On the elil, the following characters where added:
- The Stoat
- The Hawk
- The Owl
Besides, the profile of the Weasel was complemented.

On the other characters, the following characters where added:
- The Crows

I wish you all a Happy New Year :-)

It's winter :-) Time for new colors! The High Lonely Hills are shining now wintery blue ;) By the way: I'll see that I get the winter template online on first advent, next year.

Let's celebrate! 3 years ago, the first version of this project goes online by the name Darkhaven.de. There were highs and lows, awesome feedback and moments that drove me on the verge of lunacy. But you always supported me and this project. Therefor, I would like to say Thank You! To celebrate this occasion and as a little thankyou, I created a special header and a very special wallpaper for you. Enjoy and many thanks for your support!

Fresh supply :) The idea for this wallpaper was in my head for month. But I didn't know, how to realize it. It's rather simple, but I hope, you like it: The Many Tales of El-ahrairah!

Finally, a new wallpaper is online: A Tale of a Mouse. You have three guesses, who's meant :)

On my Facebook-Site, I've announced a surprise. Part one is online: A special christmas banner :) Part two follows in eight days.

I've complemented the website history with old screenshots (unfortunately only in german), so newcomers could see, how Darkhaven changed to High Lonely Hills.

Unfortunately, it took a little bit longer, but now, the review of the Watership Down tv series soundtrack is online.

All Watership Down fans out there, have a happy 1. advent :) During the last days, there where some changes on the site, and I'm not yet finished! I've reworked the headings of the character-profiles and fit it to the other illustrations. Besides, I've created a gap between the images. Do I like it? That remains to be seen. But of course, your opinion is in demand, too! Does it look better or not? The facebook-site waits for your opinion!

A small history of the development of this project is online. Enjoy yourself ;)

Alright! The new banner is available and can be used ;-)

I've reworked the illustrations on my site and removed this ugly black border.

Frith blessing was complement by some illustrations.

I've added headings to Frith' blessing.

Frith' blessing is online. It can be found under trivia. It still looks a little bit bare, but it'll soon be more fancy.

Darkhaven is history!

It's time for a change. Henceforth, the site is accessible under www.HighLonelyHills.com. Meanwhile, this is the third version of the site. I've decided this way to present the site more as an international project.

Feedback is gladly desired through the common communication channels (Facebook, Guestbook, E-Mail)!

As there could be always mistakes during such a procession, I beg you to tell me, if something's wrong or won't work.

Currently, there are nor new banners. But I'll create some as soon as possible.

The menu items "Community", "My Banners" and "Links" are combined under "The Fans".

A new Wallaper for the story tellers and the sarcastics among you is online: Hawkbit & Dandelion!

I've done some minor changes on the site, which shouldn't be unspoken:

- The entrance site has been revised
- The menu is now left-justified
- The seperators are eliminated
- Some menuitems are renamed

Indeed the song by Dream Theater deals with alcoholism, but I found the title adequate for the episode "Friends and Enemy". And so, there's a new wallpaper, called "The Glass Prison", online. Available in 1920x1080 and 1680x1050. Have a good time!

A new Wallpaper is online: Witness the Truth

The sub-menus are newly designed. "Enemies" is renamed to "Elil". Katerina and the parrots are moved to "Other characters".

A new wallpaper is online: The one-eyed Warrior

Two new character-profiles where added:

- The Fox (Enemies)
- Skrees Mother (Other Characters)

Character image of Tabitha (Enemies) from season 3 was added.

All visions of Fiver and Silverweed are now online. They can be found under "Theories & Trivia".

Two new locations where added:

- Buttercups warren
- The dwelling nearby Buttercups warren

Three new locations where added:

- The watergate
- The drawbridge
- Hedges island

Added a character profile: Trill & Warble (allies)

Added a character profile: The water rats (allies)

Three new locations where added:

- The Green House
- The Market Place
- The Roundabout

Three new locations where added:

- The River Enborne
- The River Test
- The Railroad Line

Besides, I've splitted up the locations: In rabbit warrens and other locations.

Missing character images of Gorse & Thistle (Efrafa) where added.

A very special wallpaper is online: "Caught Between Life and Death"! This desktop background could be understood as a experiment. It's the first image, that was edited completely with a filter. Because of that, it looks like from a picture book. Of course, this picture is available in both sizes.

New merchandise online: 7 figures (2x Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Pipkin, 2x Woundwort)

Premiere on Darkhaven.de: The first full hd-wallpaper is online. Introducing Campions curse, Primroses punisher, Woundworts left hand: Vervain! Available in 1680x1050, too.

The wallpaper in size 1280x960 will not be supported furthermore. Instead of that, I'm concentrating  on wallpaper in 16:10 (1680x1050) and 16:9 Full HD (1920x1080) format.

Besides, a new wallpaper is online: The Destruction of Efrafa (in 1680x1050).

My merchandise collection is online.

The new episode guide is online. I did it more compact and annihilate display errors.

It's finally done! The english version of this site is back online again!

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