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Watership Down in Lost

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Appearance of the Book in Lost
  • Boone had the book in his luggage. Later, Sawyer is reading the book and comments it with "Hell of a book. It's about bunnies".

  • In one of the flash-sideways, the book can be seen on Sawyer's chest of drawers.

Similarities between Watership Down and Lost
  • Rabbits appear occasionally in Lost and constitute a recurring element. You could denote them as a constant. This would be interesting insofar, because everyone needs a constant in his life (according to Faraday). The constant in Lost would be Watership Down.

  • The island dwellers should be killed with lethal gas (similarities with the destruction of Sandleford).

  • Like the rabbits in Watership Down, the survivors of flight 815 must found a new society.

  • Visions, telepathy and suchlike appear also in Lost (more thereto later).

  • Like the rabbits in Watership Down, the protagonists in Lost have lost their home and need to find a new home on the island.

  • A chapter of the book is called "Dea Ex Machina", a episode of Lost is calles "Deus Ex Machina".

  • The eleventh episode of the first season of Watership Down is called "Lost".

  • On the emergency fire door (Dharma-Station 3 - "The Swan"), "Aegrescit medendo" is written. A possible translation is "The remedy is worse than the disease". This quotation descends from Watership Down and has been used by the Threarah.

  • Like the movie, Lost begins with a close-up of the protagonist's eye.

  • "Live together, die alone" figures in Lost as well as in Watership Down.

  • It can be said, that the smoke monster has similarities with the Black Rabbit of Inlé.

  • Spoiler: As in Watership Down (at least in the book and the movie), the group leader, Jack, dies at the end of the series.

(for investigation, the online reference work LostPedia has been consulted)

Similarities between the Characters
  • Jack Shepard is the leader and most likely comparable with Hazel.

  • Charlie Pace comes closest to Hawkbit with his sarcastic kind.

  • Kate could be compared with Primrose through her binding to Jack, in my opinion.

  • Hurley Reyes shows (especially visually) similarities with Strawberry of the series.

  • Benjamin Linus lulls his followers to bring them to heel. Of course, this is best comparable with Cowslip.

  • Desmond Hume has visions, similar to Fiver.

  • Walt Lloyd could read minds by touching other persons. He's similar with Silverwed of the series.

There may be certainly more similarities, but those are attracted my attention for now. What's your opinion?

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