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Top Watership Down Sites

Thank U Stars
This is one of the largest websites about the tv-series. It contains fan-fictions, background information, an episode guide (unfortunately incomplete), screenshots, fan-arts and desktop-wallpapers (stills in 1024x768).

Watership Down Page
A beautiful website, that deals with the books as well as the movie and the series. Besides character-profiles, you find many facts about Watership Down. Counting information about the locations, the soundtracks, origin stories and of course character-profiles. Specially emphasized should be the general information about rabbits and the white blindness.

Watership Down Source
A beautiful website about the movie and the series. Maybe, there are not so many information like on many other websites. Therefor, WDS is not only one of the prettiest fan-sites, it has also one of the largest fan-sections. From fan-arts and -fictions to images, videos and music you'll find everything. Contests are also staged.

Other Watership Down Sites

All According to Captain Campion
A fan-site, devoted bones and all to Captain Campion.

This is a nice site with information about the real Watership Down (guidebook would be the apt expression). Besides, you find some self-written essays and reviews, a merchandise-collection, lagomorphic literature and some nice number plates (you read right!).

Fiver's World
Unfortunately, the site is lacking in updates (last 2009). Thus, many character-profiles aren't finished. Alongside some fan-arts and fan-fictions, you find also an Lapine-dictionary on the site.

Inlé-rah's Warren
A nice site about Martin Rosen movie adaptions. You'll find character-profiles, screenshots and information about the soundtrack. The site deals also with another movie: The Plague Dogs, also based on a book by Richard Adams.

Rosey's Watership Down Website
This english site has not only a very nice design but also all important information about the movie. Besides character-profiles and a Lapine dictionary, you find also information about the location Watership Down and fan-arts.

Watership Down Website
This site has a peculiar design and deals with the book by Richard Adams. It's informative and contains pictures from the real Watership Down.

Other Sites (not Watership Down)

Ice Dragon NET
Some of you may know Silverweed's Claws from Fiver's Honeycomb. Well, it seems, that rabbit's claws need also their own blog. The site deals with cartoons and abandonware. The reviews aren't always in english, but the site is definitely worth a look.

Simba the Lion King
The clue is in the name: This is a fan-site about the Lion King. Besides information about the movies, you will find here character-profiles, image- and video-galleries and picture stories (i.a. about Watership Down, too).

Definitely the best german website about one of my personal favorite tv-series (together with Watership Down): The Animals of Farthing Wood. At Thalerwald.de, you find a conclusion of the story, character-profiles, a episode guide and a gallery. Take a look! (Even, if you don't speak german)


Bright Eyes
This is a very beautiful website about the tv series, unfortunately last updated in 2005. It contents character-profiles, screenshots, episode guide (the last 8 episodes are missing), fan-fictions and some information about the movie from Martin Rosen.

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