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How El-ahrairah dared and won

Once, all rabbits lived above ground, without burrows. Elil where preying on them night and day. It was a terrible time. And El-ahrairah didn't know, what to do to help his people. So he and Rabscuttle went to Prince Rainbow, seeking help.

Prince Rainbow told them to go to the valley of wisdom and wait for Frith to appear. So they did.

"Great Frith, make me wise, so I may know how to save my people."
"Wisdom is earned, El-ahrairah! You must jump and prove, you're worth."

It seemed an impossible leap, even for El-ahrairah. And Rabscuttle begged him not to try. But El-ahrairah loved his people and he would dare anything for them. Even, if it meant his doom. So he jumped. His faith and courage carried him like a bird on the wind.

"Your heart is true, El-ahrairah. Wisdom is yours."

And as Frith's light touched him, El-ahrairah know how to save his people. They would dig holes and live underground. Save from the elil, warm in winter, happy forever!

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