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The Characters

Fiver & Bark
Fiver gets caught by Bark. But only, because she's lonely. Bark wants to chum up with the Watership Down rabbits, but they did always think, she's elil.

During their common time, Bark builds up a strong bond with Hazels younger brother. Hazel and the others want to free Fiver from the assumed danger and attack Bark. After clearing up the mistake, Bark fights side by side with Watership Down against Efrafa and Darkhaven (even if she does it rather for Fiver).

Fiver & Silverweed
Because of their visionary abilities, Fiver and Silverweed have a strong bond. Silverweed can look through Fiver's eyes via mind control. Fiver can do the same thing with Silverweed. Even controlling each other is possible. So, they could read and share each others mind. Fiver describes it with the words "It is like having another brother".

Woundwort uses the mind control in Darkhaven to find the location of Watership Down with Silverweeds help. As opposed to this, Hazel uses it to get Silverweed out of Darkhaven.

Hawkbit & Dandelion
Hawkbit and Dandelion are close friends. While her friendship proceed harmonic during the first two seasons, there are serveral disputes in season 3.

Both are interested in the former slave doe Heather from Efrafa, but they bethink of their friendship fairly quickly (whereby the farm dog Chester wasn't rather detached), especially for Heather is in a relationship with Moss.

Even during the preparations for the last battle against Darkhaven, their friendship is strained after Hawkbit lumbered Dandelion with the intrusive voles. Thereto, he pretends, that he has clamped his leg into a rock (the rocks are used to defend Watership Down). Dandelion pulls the rock down the hill and may tow it then back to the top as a punishment by Bigwig.

Kehaar & Hannah
Both know eachother before they joined the former Sandleford rabbits. They support each other during the foraging on the Nuthanger Farm. When Kehaar chums up with Pipkin, he attends to Watership Down. Hannah follow him.

But Bigwig is of the mind that mice and gulls are useless, what weld both together. The common aerial surveillance strenghten their friendship. So Hannah was hit hard, when Kehaar leaves Watership Down together with Gluck. Because she feels useless, she's looking after Hedge to help her friends with the battle against Darkhaven. But she never really has coped with Kehaars farewell.

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