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El-ahrairah and the Big Freeze

There was a time, when the world never got dark or cold, because Frith was always in the sky, watching what he made and all the animals in it. But one day, he left the sky and went away. The world grew very very cold and snow covered all of the grass. Soon, there was no food. El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle went to the rescue. They travelled to visit Prince Rainbow, who lived in the sky. When they got there, they asked:

"Where did Frith go?"

Prince Rainbow told them, that Frith went to visit the stars, to find out the secret of the universe. El-ahrairah knew, that his people could not survive without Frith. So El-ahrairah came up with a plan, to trick Frith into coming back to the world. He told Prince Rainbow, that he and Rabscuttle would make tracks in the snow, which would spin out the secret of the universe. Then El-ahrairah asked Prince Rainbow to get Frith to come and read the message. Sure enough, Frith returned in the sky and showing down to read the message. The warmth of his raise started to melt the snow; and El-ahrairah's message.

Frith had being tricked. The grass begin to grow again and Frith realized that he had been missed. He knew, he had been unfair to all the animals. And he said, even now, he might go away to visit his other worlds, he would always come back. Frith made the holly, the ivy and the yew, which stay green all winter. They are Frith's promise: No matter how cold the winter or how deep the snow, we will be warm again and the grass will grow. Always and forever. Frith will always come back. He promised.

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