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DVDs of the Series


There exists several DVD-releases of Watership Down. In America, for example, the first two season has been released. Germany got a DVD with four episodes. But the most interesting release is available in the United Kingdom. There, the complete series was released on 14 DVDs. Now, I want to give you some information about the british and the german DVD-release:

In Britain, the complete series was released on 14 DVDs. The episodes are in english without subtitles. Before you reach the main menu, you have to endure some trailers to other DVD's. Those could only be skipped by fast forward. The order of the episodes is a little bit different as opposed to the original. But this matters only in episode 2.12 (it's on DVD 10, before episode 3.04). The synopses on the cover says:

"Dandelion's Big Story - It's a rainy day and the baby rabbits gather around for a story session. Dandelion tells them the legendary tale of El-arah and the Black Rabbit of Inlé - two characters who seem strangely familiar..."

But this episode doesn't exist. It was planned, but never produced. And it is no clerical error. It's really "El-arah" in the series instead of "El-ahrairah" (although I prefer the original spelling). The both christmas episodes are cut together to an tv-special and where packed on the last DVD.

A summary of all episodes and the ordering on the DVDs:
Legend: Wrong order Special television cut

Volume 1
1.01 - The Promised Land (Das gelobte Land)
1.02 - Home on the Down (Neues Zuhause, neue Gefahren)
1.03 - The Easy Life (Die Schlinge)
Volume 2
1.04 - Strawberry Fayre (Der Neue)
1.05 - The Shadow of Efrafa (Gefahr aus Efrafa)
1.06 - The Raid (Der Einbruch)
Volume 3
1.07 - Challenge to Efrafa (Der Fuchs)
1.08 - Escape from Efrafa (Flucht aus Efrafa)
Volume 4
1.09 - The Vision (Heimweh)
1.10 - A Tale of a Mouse (Hannahs Plan)
1.11 - Lost (Verschwunden)
Volume 5
1.12 - Friends and Enemy (Freund oder Feind)
1.13 - Kidnapped (Entführt)
2.01 - Prisoner of Efrafa (Der Gefangene von Efrafa)
Volume 6
2.03 - The Market (Sehnsucht nach dem Meer)
2.04 - The Great Water (Wahre Freundschaft)
2.02 - The Roundabout (Pipkin wird erwachsen)
Volume 7
2.05 - The Stand (Das Gefecht)
2.06 - The Orchard (Fiver und der Dachs)
2.07 - The Great Game (Die Zaubermaus)

Volume 8
2.10 - Mysterious Visitors (Geheimnisvolle Boten)
2.11 - The Invasion (Die Invasion)
2.13 - The Homecoming (Heimkehr)
Volume 9
3.01 - The Last Battle (Campion lebt)
3.02 - A New World (Woundwort gibt nicht auf)
3.03 - The Wanderers (Der Wanderer)
Volume 10
2.12 - Bigwig's Way (Die Legende)
3.04 - The Nestling (Die Herausforderung)
3.05 - The Secret of Redstone (Woundwort in der Falle)
Volume 11
3.06 - My Fair Gull (Abschied von Kehaar)
3.07 - The Dark Deal (Redstones Untergang)
3.08 - Darkhaven (Zauberkräfte)
Volume 12
3.09 - The Eyes of Silverweed (Ein unfairer Zweikampf)
3.10 - The Spy (Die Spionin)
3.11 - The Betrayal (Campions Verrat)
Volume 13
3.12 - The Beginning of the End (Hannahs Meisterleistung)
3.13 - The Magic (Die letzte Schlacht)
Volume 14
2.08/09 - Christmas on Watership Down (Weihnachten in Watership Down)

In Germany, only one DVD with the first four episodes of the third season has been released. The cover shows badly colored the main characters styled like in the first two seasons. A bonus-episode could be unlocked by solving the game on the DVD.

The DVD is only advisable for hardcore-fans who wants to own everything of Watership Down or wants at least to see a small part of the series in german. All others should buy the british box-set.

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