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What's New in 2016


Of course, all news are also posted on Facebook!

Trick or Treat finally released Rabbit's Hill - pt. 2. Is the new album worthwile? Well, read the review.

I've designed the timeline clearer and structured it into four sections. Now, you won't be slayed by a wall of text.

Another improvement is finished. Within the menu-point "The Story", you find now a timeline with all important occurrences of the series.

Happy Easter, dear rabbits :)

I've reworked the site's structure and optimized it.
New is the entry "The Story". There, you find now the introduction "About Watership Down" as well as the episode guide and the tales of El-ahrairah.

The entry "The Social Life" moved to "The Characters".

Trivia & More contains now just the theories, the visions and the dictionary.

I think, this segmentation will make the site structured clearer.


I've announced this already on Facebook. Now, the first step to accessibility is done:

The episode guide has been reworked. The screenshots have been removed temporary. The tooltips have been removed likewise. They've been replaced with normal text. Besides, the graphics for the ratings have been revised.

Further site changes will follow the coming days.

A small fan-fiction by me is online. I had the idea during a chat with Silverweed's Claws. It came to a confusion of Dandelion and Hazel and that gave me the idea to this (slightly weird) short story.

The fiction has the title "The Dandelion, that's gone in the wind".  Have fun reading it :)

Furthermore, Silverweed's Claws has published new fan-arts!

Best Regards

Hello dear Watership Down friends!

The first news in the new year are expecting you. Finally, the fan-art-section has been inaugurated. Arnoldretsch1998 (some may know him from Fiver's Honeycomb) has published two fan-arts: Campion and Silverweed & Fiver (whereby I especially like the last one).

Furthermore, the fan-works-section has been restructured. You find there now a new menu-point, called "Disclaimer and Contact). There, you find collected contact information about all artists, who published their works on HighLonelyHills.com.

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