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2010 till Now

The Project

So you've found the High Lonely Hills and when you've read this site heedful and followed the menu, you're at the end of your journey. But how did this site, that's formerly known as Darkhaven.de, came into existence?

Well, as a huge fan of the series, I was browsing the internet, looking after fan-sites about the series. And even when there are large websites, something was always missing. Sometimes, the episode guide wasn't complete, sometimes some character profiles where missing. And german sites are yet rarely this time.

So I've decided to create a website about the series. What began with a small episode guide and a few character-profiles, grew in the course of time to one of the extensivest websites about the tv-series Watership Down.

Here's a small summary, how the site evolved in the course of time:

On December 21th, the first version of Darkhaven.de started. In the beginning, only half of the character-profiles, the episode-guide (without ratings) and information about the dvds where online. By and by, the site grows to one of the most comprehensive information sources for all fans and interests of the tv-series "Watership Down".

After being asked again and again by foreign Watership Down fans, why I couldn't translate the site into english, I've started the translation to raise the popularity of the site. On November 22th, the english version was ready to go online.

On February 27th, the site was closed due to lack of time (the old system had to be costly administered). I must say, I was swept off my feet by the feedback. The people wanted at all costs, that the site stays online. Some also offered me to host the site. But this is my "baby". There's so much labor in this project and I wouldn't put it off my hands.

After I'd found a solution to administrate the site easier and more efficient (without extensive system maintenance), the second version of the site hit the internet on February 27th - exactely one year later. Further improvements and addenda followed by and by.

Time to say good-bye to Darkhaven.de. Under the name of High Lonely Hills, the third revision of the site with a new domain and a new design was put online. I've decided this way, because I want to run the site as an international site, so it may raise the popularity of this project.

3 years ago, the first version of this project goes online by the name Darkhaven.de. There were highs and lows, awesome feedback and moments that drove me on the verge of lunacy. But you always supported me and this project. Thanks to all of your for your support!

Version 4 is online. I experimented with the template and the result can be referred to as version 4. I changed the whole frame of the template, replaced the background with Watership Down images and reworked the look of the menu.

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